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IF&W's money problem

The Department of Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is facing a huge funding crunch as older hunters phase out and there are fewer and fewer young hunters to take their place.  The lack of licenses and license dollars impacts all things outdoors, from management and harvest numbers to the overall hunting culture and growing lack of understanding that more and more people have about the importance of hunting.  I am confident that my kids will grow up understanding all things hunting, but the biggest difference is that in my family, this new generation of hunters won’t be pulling out their credit card every year to buy their license.  For $500, both kids have their lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.

My husband didn’t believe me when I told him the number and he made me show him my license (he buys a hunting only license and hunts deer.)  I pay a lot of money for my hunting licenses.  You can do the math; I buy a hunting and fishing license, my trapping license, archery license, …

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