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How do you remember your hunts?

A few years ago, I decided to collect skulls and furs from the animals that I killed or trapped.It was partly selfish to be able to highlight the hunts that I have been on but it was also in an attempt to educate my kids about the animals that we eat and interact with here in Maine.

My first skull was my bear’s and even though there were a lot of issues with it (cut into pieces and put back together), it was great to see what was under the fur of the animal that I killed and ate.My son loved touching the teeth and seeing the ridge where the two halves of the skull were fused together.The bear rug is thick and soft and it’s my son’s favorite spot for reading/listening to books on tape.Since that bear, my collection has grown to include a coyote (my daughter’s favorite), beaver, bobcat and deer skull.
Each skull is displayed on a bookshelf that my Grampa made. It helps to highlight the size variables of each skull but also different types of teeth.How fascinating is it that a 37lb coyo…

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