Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Walk in the woods

While cutting some firewood, Dad, Hubby and I scoped out some of the land that we hunt on.  We were looking for tracks and maybe a sighting or two.  It was a great day for wildlife; I had seen a 4 or 6 point buck in velvet along the edge of the road that morning when I went to get some coffee.

It almost looks like a chair
The birds must be eating well
The rain wasn't too bad so we explored as threw some firewood into the truck.  It was a quiet, nice day in the woods and we were able to look around and plan our routes into the woods for this fall.

The road into the woodlot

Tools of the trade
Dad can spot an animal track while in a truck traveling along.  I am not nearly as good.  I missed these tracks but Dad had seen two different spots over the course of a week.  The day after this, we saw the moose!

A young bull moose track

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A little morning snack

I watched this female cardinal enjoying some bugs for breakfast.  Even in the city, it's nice to enjoy the wildlife.

Female Cardinal with bug


Friday, July 31, 2015

Stay away from my bird!

Here is how we got to this point.

The two men did not seem to see is and Tim and I tried not to give ourselves away but we were on the edge of the field.  Tim tried calling the land owner because the property was posted and he was supposed to be the only one hunting.  No answer.  We stood there and listened as the two men began calling and waiting for a response.  They were much closer to those two birds who had just been calling back with us.  One gobble and those guys would be headed into the woods. Luckily, those stubborn birds kept quiet.  But the idea of hunters in the area made us question our decision to move on from a spot that we knew had active birds.

Tim placing decoys in the field
So we carefully crossed the field and got into position along the edge.  Tim called and we could hear the birds within 50 yards of us.  No matter what Tim did, they still did not want to move.  We changed tactics and I sat in the woods while Tim moved away from me in an attempt to pull the turkeys down the trail past me.  Still nothing.  We waited and moved and called.  Those birds stayed right in that area and never moved.  At one point, we were sure that we could hear them walking past us.

Defeated, we had to head back to the truck.  Standing in the road was a tom, just walking through.  Perfect.

Our decoys in the field.
Different spot, hanging out with a decoy

We tried different spots, different decoys and different days (I was able to go out for a couple of hours with Tim a couple of days later) but I ended the season without a bird.  We had a lot of them calling to us, made a hen incredibly mad when we pulled a tom away from her and made her work harder to get him back but I never had the opportunity that I had that first morning with Tim.

What little time I had to go out, it was a lot of fun with some great sights and sounds!  Guess I need to wait one more year or get lucky this fall.  We shall see!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Honest Kitchen: Chickpeas and chicken

Honest Kitchen: Honest, whole food cooked from scratch. Simple, delicious and sometimes from the wild side. Robin, Erin and Michelle often prepare wild game, mushrooms, berries and other foods they harvest, grow or buy locally. Regardless - come cook with us. Copy this paragraph (please leave the links) into your blog and leave your link in comments each Wednesday so everyone can visit.

This should really be called: what to make when you are hungry but your two-year old is screaming.

Here is what you will need:
* 12 oz of chickpeas, rinsed well
* One head of broccoli, rinsed to make sure the worms are out (this is fresh broccoli from the farm)
* Wild Cheff's Mediterranean seasoning.  I stock up and use this for almost all things chicken.
* Chicken breast (from a local meat market)
* 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
* 3/4 cup mayo

1. Dump rinsed chickpeas, cut up broccoli, EVOO and the seasoning into a gallon storage bag and shake.  This is super easy if that two-year old is still screaming.
2. Spread evening on baking sheet and set aside.

3. Mix together mayo, Parmesan cheese and seasoning. 
4. Spread evening on chicken and place in preheated oven at 350.
5. Place tray of seasoned chickpea/broccoli mixture into oven as well.
6. Bake both dishes for 15-20 minutes or until broccoli is browned on the edges and chicken is no longer pink.

I was unable to get photos of the finished dishes because of said two year old screaming but the flavors mixed well and overall, it was a quick dish to make with limited dishes for cleanup!