Goals for 2012

Where do I get wool pants

A seat with a view

Merry Christmas

Just the antlers - really??

More Coyote stuff

The Maine Outdoorsman: Why You Shoot Coyotes!

Gun safety suggestions... I fail

= )

Accessible Hunting

Mourning Mr 8-Pointer

One of each, please!

Hardwater - a film

Shooting dogs - I mean, coyotes

Season 9, episode 5: BBD (big buck down) part 2

Season 9, episode 5: BBD (big buck down) part 1

Thankful...for the tag!

Tracking big bucks

Season 9: episode 4

Working on our angles

Season 9, episode 3

Something more upbeat

The rotten apples

Season 9, episode 2

Hunt the Rut

Prep for week 2

Before and After

Season 9, episode 1

We need to find the match

Count down

This is how we do it

Caribou in Maine

Cleaning smiles

Youth Hunt = )

1 week

Blogger Fail

Happy Birthday!