Season 9, episode 3

Note: I started writing this, saved it and realized I never posted. Sorry! Well, at least the weather has been beautiful and I can work on my fall sun/wind burn. Last weekend, we struck out again. Dad saw a coyote and a couple does but nothing big. It was a beautiful weekend and it was nice to be outside in such great weather. Dad said he will make a scrape near our stand to see if we can get some action that way. My father in law did get his deer but he didn't have it weighed. SO... I ask all of you to guess how big you think this deer may be. I guessed, they guessed and now I want your guesses.
AND - I know how much meat they got from the deer. Is there a formula to figure out the dead weight?


  1. Nice buck, tell him congrats from ctswamphunter.


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