Off topic: Hardy Girls

This past week, it was made official. I was elected to the board of Hardy Girls Healthy Woman. Its an organization that works to empower girls.

The organization creates successful programs that we spin out for other partner groups to use across the country and world. I have only attended one meeting (and it was online because of the massive snowstorm we got last week) but I am super excited to be working with this organization. My parents never said I couldn't do something. They asked how I was going to do it. They made me think, work hard and prove that I could accomplish anything that I set out to do. If I can do that for other girls, then I will be happy.

One program that HGHW offers is called Adventure Girls (perfect, right?!?!). Adventure Girls is described as: An interactive program for girls in grades 2-6, Adventure Girls gives girls the opportunity to meet once a month with women who are defying gender stereotypes and challenging notions of what a girl or woman “should” do or be. Adventure Girls brings girls together with college mentors and women facilitators to learn how mountaineers, race car drivers, boat captains, and other daring women chose to do what they do and how they've found the courage to follow their dreams

I think this is one of my favorites as, here I am, writing a blog about hunting in Maine.