I got kinda distracted...

So, I do have 3 more blogs to write about Becoming an Outdoors Woman. They are already drafted and the photos are ready to go. But, I got distracted.

Last fall, my friends invited Hubby and I to their house. We headed to a local fair and then Jason convinced us that it would be really fun to pick tomatoes from the garden and then make tomato sauce. Apparently, I would be one of the kids painting the fence in Tom Sawyer.

This year, I went out and bought all of the attachments I would need for my KitchenAid and set about making my own tomato sauce. For the record, I hate tomatoes, so wrap your brain around that!

But, I am a sucker for good, homemade stuff. And harvest season. And getting an amazing deal on tomatoes from a great local farmer. As a result, instead of blogging and posting, I did this:

When all was said and done, I had 8 pints of corn and 6 quarts of tomato sauce.
I am SO ready for the snow to fly - I am like a squirrel collecting nuts =)


  1. Looks good. It doesn't seem like so much work when you get in the groove.

  2. Exactly! And it was actually a lot of fun to see it all happen and then know what I accomplished in just a few hours. It will taste good this winter!


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