Early Christmas Gift

I got an Ipad!!! My wonderful hubby saved since August and couldnt wait to give it to me, so I got an early Christmas gift last night. YEAH!! Welcome to the 21st century right? So now, my question to all of you is; do you blog from yours (if you have one) and do you find the touch screen works ok or that you wish you had a keyboard? It takes video and photos, which I am hoping will be better than some of the ones I have taken and posted in the past.

So, what should I know about this? I dont see myself taking it into the woods with me but maybe fishing...


  1. Ooohh, we can join the century together, I'm getting one for Christmas. Have used one at work. Touch screen will prob be fine for blogging, but for anything longer you'll prob want a wireless keyboard.

    Have fun w/ it!


  2. I'm still on the fence about my excitement over such technological devices. One on hand I think they could be useful, on the other hand I feel gadgets are annoying and are best used for target practice. For the time being i'm happy with my laptop, maybe you can fill me in on the wonderful advantages to ipad-dom.

  3. you can get a wireless keypad for it that will either blue tooth connect or I think you can connect them to where you would hook a blue tooth to it :)

    Well done Brent, Well Done!

  4. I have an Ipad but the first generation. I thought I would use it more for blogging but I really don't. Maybe I'm old fashion and just like to sit at a desk to write / type. I downloaded Kindle on mine so I do take it out in the woods some when I want to read a book.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and yours Erin. Keep up the good blogging!

    1. Same to you!! And I'm taking all of this week off so I will have time to get some blogging done. Merry Christmas.

  6. Well that is an awesome early Xmas present. We have one, but I do not blog from it, as it takes so long for me to write, that the battery would die before I got to the second paragraph. I find it is great for research and reading. Merry Christmas, Erin!


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