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Boy! oh Boy!

It is official; we are having a boy! I have always been the one in the family to say that I was going to have a boy, years before now. My cousin and sister both have girls so he will be the first boy in our family. Hubby and I could not be happier! But, there is a part of me that wonders how this is going to go. The idea of potty training and puberty scare me, but the weird thing is that my son will probably have no idea what it is like to not be taken seriously as a hunter. The struggles that myself and other women have gone through to "prove" that we deserve to be in the woods along side men will be something my son will not have to deal will just be assumed; born into a hunting family, seen as a hunter. In August, I wrote about Steven Rinella's reaction to having a daughter and his concern about getting her into the outdoors with the same enthusiasm that he had when he knew he was going to have a son. Am I experiencing the reverse? Am I over think

After a positive 2012, IFW looks for an even better 2013

Last week I sat down with Commissioner Woodcock to talk about the highlights of the 2012 hunting seasons and where he saw the Department going in 2013: Last year, the moose hunting system was reworked . Do you think it helped with the numbers this year? YES! 34% of the top tier were picked this year. Of course, we add people to that top tier every year but we are predicting that in the next five years, everyone in that top group who has been waiting for more than 30 years to get drawn, will in fact get drawn. We even had a few people, probably 1% get picked on their first try this year. Overall, we are very happy with the results this year and looking forward to a successful hunt next season. Do you see any other changes being implemented this upcoming season? The Legislature makes those changes, not the Department. We are always looking at our resources and we may end up tinkering with the number of permits in different areas because of the success of last year’s hunt.

Biggest news to hit Coffee yet!

There are two really big things I want to tell you about: 1. I am working with my amazing friends Robin and Tammy on a new collective called Outdoors Women's Experiences . If you know of anyone who may be interested in writing for us about their interests or documenting their experience as they get into an outdoor sport, we want to hear from them. Our goal is to create a space for women, regardless of experience levels, to come to for advice, to make connections and to share their stories as they grow, try out and love the outdoor actives that we love. We officially launched in January 1 and we are all so excited to see where this takes us and who we can meet along the way. We are also looking for people to swap links with to help spread the news of the site, to let me know if you are interested or know anyone who might be! I would have never guess a year ago, that I would meet such incredible women and be launching such a cool project that has us all interested and excit

Chattin with the Commissioner

Over the past year or so, I have interviewed Mr. Woodcock about a variety of different things concerning the deer population, funding and land conservation. With this year's deer numbers coming in above average, I figured it was time for another check in. I have some questions but are there any that you want answered? Some questions on the list so far: * what does the increase in deer harvested mean for the overall population * were the majority of deer taken in the central/southern Maine areas? was there an increase in the northern/eastern parts of Maine? * how is the predator fund/campaign going so far this year? Links to past interviews: