Day 2 of turkey hunting

Well, we know we are in a good area and that our calls work.

We got into the woods by the Sky Condo a little earlier than we did on the first day.  The weather predicted rain so we wanted to get in as much time as possible.  We got to our ground blind, set up the decoys and settled in to start calling.  This morning though, we didn’t have to start anything.  We heard a gobble within five minutes of sitting down.  I got my box call out and called back.  He answered almost immediately.  We had a great conversation for a steady 30 minutes with him often double or triple gobbling.  Then the gobbles became more spaced apart but did not stop.  Dad decided that be would circle down to the power line where we were pretty sure the turkey was hanging out.  We hadn’t been able to get him any closer in the past hour and knowing the area as well as we do, if I could keep him gobbling, Dad could find him and get him.

I kept using the box call and tried to do something to get him to call back.  I tried a relaxed couple of calls and I tried some with a little more intensity.  Nothing, but I knew he had to be right there.  He hadn’t left in over an hour.  Dad came back before there were any shots fired.

The turkey was hiding in some of the thick brush right where we thought he was.  But, he was closer than Dad thought and when he started onto the power line, the turkey made a quick chirp and flew.  Dad compared it to flushing a partridge; he was gone before Dad knew it and flew down into the woods near my tree seat.

We tried the other spots that we had tried the day before but no turkeys.  We did go into a field and saw four deer.  Being first and foremost deer hunters, we stopped for maybe ten minutes and watched the deer eat and play, oblivious to the fact that we we there.  Then we snapped out of it and realized we needed to find some turkeys.

We did the rounds again, checking the spot where the three jakes had been the day before.  We ended back up by the Sky Condo where we sat for a while.  By 9am, the on and off sprinkles started to get a little heavier and the sky started to get a little darker.  I made the decision to call it.  The last thing I needed was to get chilled and risk catching a cold with just four weeks left of my pregnancy.  We made it back to the house, Dad started a fire and the skies opened to a complete downpour.

For our first weekend, the turkeys win.  We may try it again over Memorial weekend depending on how I am feeling.  I think for the first two days of us ever going turkey hunting, we did ok.  Lots of calls back, seeing a hen and 3 jakes… Good start to a new type of hunting.


  1. It doesn't seem like a turkey should be such a challenge until you get out there to start hunting them.

    Taylor and I went Saturday morning. We had two answering but they're not answering as aggressively as two weeks ago. They're not coming closer as easily. The last part of the season is a bigger challenge. It makes it that much more sweet when you finally get him.

  2. I tried turkey hunting for a couple of years but I think I am better at deer hunting. I wish you luck and hope to see you with a nice bird.


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