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Preparing for deer season

The temp was 102 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  Yes, 102.  Dad and I were melting but we had put this off for way too long. Here is was July and our trail cameras were not up and because they weren't, we were not seeing what sort of animals are around our hunting areas. We put up three cameras.  Two by the Sky Condo (the above shot is a panoramic from the bottom of the SC) and one by my tree seat.  For the first time in a long time, I was able to bathe in deet in order to prevent the ticks from finding me - as well as the mosquitoes and black flies.   It was hot, we were sweaty and I stunk from all of the bug dope but it was fun.  It is weird how different the woods look in the middle of the summer compared to the middle of the fall and after the first frost.  Our path from the Sky Condo to the tree seat was totally changed with huge undergrowth that we had to bush wack through.  It helped that there were lots of deer (and deer tracks) that had taken the same trail and

On hunting bears in Maine

Once again, Maine finds itself facing a battle over our bear hunt.  The Humane Society of America tried to get a motion to outlaw bear baiting through the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee at the State House and it fell flat.  As a result (and as they threatened to do), they are trying to collect enough signatures to take the issue to the voters.  The last time they did this, Mainers won out with 53% of the vote.  We appreciate our biologists, bear hunters and those that make a living off of the hunting industry.  Below is a blog that I wrote for the Bangor Daily News.  I have included the link here so you can read the comments that people left and see how uneducated people are when it comes to creating and maintaining a sustainable population.  Here is my blog.  I would love your thoughts: We are starting to see the first stories of the possible bear referendum coming up in 2014.  Local news stations are starting to cover the story and interview those for and against t

Starting the season late

Every year when we get a new calendar, I plug in all of the birthdays, anniversaries, doctors appointments and important dates coming up that I know of.  When I get to October I don't mark down my birthday, but opening day of hunting season.  I mark it on Dad's calendar too. As I sat down to apply for our doe permits for this upcoming season, I froze and reread the email "Maine Resident Only Day will be held on Nov 2 this year" What???? Huh???? November?  I can not remember a year when we didn't open the season on the last Saturday in October.  November. My whole hunting world is off. Since Thanksgiving is so late this year, we will essentially hunt the whole month of November. But how will I celebrate my birthday if not sitting in the woods!?!  It feels so odd to not plan on an October start date to kick off my birthday and the new deer season. I'll deal and it will be good to have the baby add one more week to his life before I leave him with my mom to

Mommas everywhere

My little baby turned 2 weeks old on Saturday.  It's flown by and I think he changes every day.  It's exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.  It is also the reason why there have not been any new blog posts recently. Sorry 'bout that. A cool thing has been happening around the area where we hunt, an increase sightings of does and fawns.  Dad and Mom had a doe with a pair of fawns in the back yard.  Little ones with spots learning  how to survive in the woods.  It's a fun parallel, me and the animal that I like to hunt both taking care of our new babies. I can appreciate what those does must do to keep their fawns healthy and safe! While I don't need to worry about predators or the weather, it is exhausting to make sure that you can give your baby everything they need from food to shelter to general comfort. It will be just a few years before my baby is out with Dad and I hunting those deer. It's a weird circle.