Mommas everywhere

My little baby turned 2 weeks old on Saturday.  It's flown by and I think he changes every day.  It's exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.  It is also the reason why there have not been any new blog posts recently. Sorry 'bout that.

A cool thing has been happening around the area where we hunt, an increase sightings of does and fawns.  Dad and Mom had a doe with a pair of fawns in the back yard.  Little ones with spots learning  how to survive in the woods.  It's a fun parallel, me and the animal that I like to hunt both taking care of our new babies.

I can appreciate what those does must do to keep their fawns healthy and safe! While I don't need to worry about predators or the weather, it is exhausting to make sure that you can give your baby everything they need from food to shelter to general comfort.

It will be just a few years before my baby is out with Dad and I hunting those deer. It's a weird circle.