Starting the season late

Every year when we get a new calendar, I plug in all of the birthdays, anniversaries, doctors appointments and important dates coming up that I know of.  When I get to October I don't mark down my birthday, but opening day of hunting season.  I mark it on Dad's calendar too.

As I sat down to apply for our doe permits for this upcoming season, I froze and reread the email "Maine Resident Only Day will be held on Nov 2 this year" What???? Huh???? November?  I can not remember a year when we didn't open the season on the last Saturday in October.  November. My whole hunting world is off.

Since Thanksgiving is so late this year, we will essentially hunt the whole month of November. But how will I celebrate my birthday if not sitting in the woods!?!  It feels so odd to not plan on an October start date to kick off my birthday and the new deer season.

I'll deal and it will be good to have the baby add one more week to his life before I leave him with my mom to go hunt.  What I am really hoping for now is snow! If we a hunting a week later then hopefully there will be snow on the ground and there is NOTHING more fun than hunting (and shooting) a deer on snow!


  1. I didn't realize it's starting late. This is good. It should be a little colder, maybe some snow later in the season, and hopefully more bucks in rut when I'm hunting. Seems like they've been later coming into rut the last couple of years.

    You can target practice on your birthday!


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