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THIS makes me happy!

A guy who works for my Dad put up a camera on some land that we own.  These are a some of the best pics that he had!  I would love to have two 10pt sets on my wall =) With photos like these, how can you not want to head into the woods now?!?  Com'on deer season!!!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... (hopefully) meat in the freezer!

Photos from our 2 (out of 3) working trail cameras!  Only one chip/camera has a working date and time stamp, but we are getting pictures so we will take what we can get =)  Come on deer season!!!

Struggles of a new outdoors mom

I had a baby in June. While I was pregnant, the baby and I went deer hunting, ice fishing and turkey hunting and my biggest concern was making sure I had appropriate hunting clothes that fit. As deer season approaches, I am facing a whole new set of challenges.  This past week, I was asked to go duck hunting for the first time with some friends in October.  I eagerly said “yes!” and then started thinking about all of the details that I needed to get in order before I could actually go.  With the early morning start, do I spend the night away from the baby or leave extra early? I need to make sure that the diaper bag is packed and that I have pumped enough milk for him while I am gone and that I can pump while I am away from him.  Do I have hubby drop him off at the babysitters or bring him 2 hours north with me and have family watch him while I am out? The more I think about the challenges that I will have to now face, with a baby and wanting to continue to hunt, the more I realize ho

Guns and family

I took a great workshop with author Christina Baker Kline a couple of weeks ago.  One of the writing exercises that we did was to write about one item.  Just free write for five minutes.  It is rough, but here is what I wrote:     Grampa handed it to me with pride.  He couldnt see well enough to use it and I had proven myself to be able to carry on the tradition.  It is a pound and a half heavier than Dad's and I had the stock cut to fit me.  It is because of that modification that I joke that I had to marry my husband.  Like a lock and key, the half moon scare above his right eye matches the curve of my scope.      Grampa said that it was the scope that made him buy it, "I held it up and it was spot on" he says every time he talks about it. I actually dont know if he ever shot anything with it.  He must have.  I prefer Dad's.  All 7.5lbs of it.  It is exactly one pound heavier than my son when he was born. It's the gun I learned to hunt with, the one that I