Just a little touch up

Dad and I built our first tree house seven years ago.  It was a little rough but we both fit (barely) and kept fairly dry.  I shot my first deer from that stand.

Last year, we started hunting in that area again because my husband joined us in the woods.  It was sketchy last year!  The roof had fallen in a little, the floor was sagging and the steps nailed onto the tree seemed ridiculously sporadic and unsafe.  So, a few weeks ago, we started making some touch ups so that we will be ready for this upcoming rifle season.  The first thing we needed was a new ladder!

The canvas roof is tied up, but it's a little sketchy
Our "ladder"

The new ladder!  Sturdy and much easier to climb up.
We will figure out a way to make the roof work and stay up.  I can sit up against the trees and away from the sagging portion of the floor and then it is just a matter of waiting for a deer to walk by.