Taking a pause

I do have a few blogs in the hopper that I am working to get out to you.  I was the only one who tagged out during deer season, but I was able to take some cool photos and will share some fun still hunting stories from Dad and Hubby's adventures but I am taking a pause for a minute to get refocused.

This Thanksgiving was the first without my Grandmother who died on September 27 - two months to the day before Thanksgiving.  The is the first grandparent that we have lost and it seemed odd to not have her there with us.  Then, after a short illness and x-rays that showed a tumor in the soft tissue at the base of the nasal cavity, we made the heartbreaking decision to put our dog down. 

Hubby tried to put in the effort, but his heart was just not in hunting after that.   It has been an emotional fall with a lot of loss that we are processing.

But know that I am writing (old school with paper and pen) and getting ready to get all of you caught up on the latest adventures and what I have planned for 2015!

Leah's resting spot - she can watch over the pond that she loved


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