A thought this morning...

I could never understand why people watched birds until I got bored and started staring out the window.  Now, I always find myself seeing what these birds are up to, how much they are eating or how they interact with other birds.  The colors alone are impressive - the bright Blue Jays, Cardinals and Chick-A-Dees all dancing around on the trees.  I get it now.

I don't have a lawn, per se, but there are trees and there have been a ton of Robins around.  I started snapping pictures to see if I could get any fun shots of the birds devouring these berries.  This photo made me laugh and I was quiet impressed that I was able to capture the exact moment that this berry was being consumed.

It also makes me laugh because as I head out for a day full of meetings (5 on the books right now), I hope that like this bird, I am able to swallow this berry (meetings) today without turning into a cartoon bird - choking and falling off the branch. We shall see.