Honest Kitchen: Crockpot venison

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As a mom, it is great to be able to pull some venison out of the freezer, stick it in the crockpot all day and know that when we get home from work, there is a healthy, organic, free-range pile of meat waiting to be eaten. And that even my two year old can eat it without me worrying about what hormones are pumped into it.

Here is what I used:
* Quart bag of frozen stew meat (deer)
* 2 cups of beef bouillon (I used water and cubes)
* Wild Cheff Roasted Garlic
* Wild Cheff Wild Onion

I threw the whole thing in the crockpot with the water going in first to make sure that nothing stuck to the bottom or sides.

And I set it on low and went to work. 

When you come home, there is nothing better than smelling dinner before you have taken your shoes off.  Knowing that a hot meal that is healthy for you and your family, is ready to go is fantastic and a great time saver.

I made some potatoes and roasted broccoli to go with it.  You know something is good when your two year old will willingly eat it and ask for more.

When you are busy with work and a kiddo, the crockpot becomes your best friend and being able to pull out some meat that you know is healthy... you can't meat it!


  1. Hey Erin, that sounds delicious. We love our crock pot, it saves so much time.

  2. I haven't tried Wild Chef seasonings yet. I need to find them.

    I added a twist to my old stand by of potato and leek soup. http://robinfollette.com/potato-leek-mushroom-soup/

  3. I love a good crock pot meal! This one looks yummy!


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