Honest Kitchen: seared duck breasts

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We were in the mood for something a little different and headed to Pat's Meat Market to see what they had that would not be totally foreign to cook.  The result was duck breast.

I put the meat in the warm pan with no added butter or oil.  Duck is fatty as is and I like the natural flavors better.  I kept the pan on medium heat and let the smells start permeating the kitchen and dinning room.  I flipped them once to sear it but let them cook while I prepared some roasted chickpeas and broccoli.

Duck is one of those meats that you cook like something else (bear, you treat like beef but cook like pork).  Duck, you can season like chicken (maybe) but can cook it like beef - you can have some pink. Yum! Yum! Yum!


  1. I LOVE duck! It's one of my favorite meats.


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