Honest Kitchen: Atlantic Salmon

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The other night, I wanted to make a yummy salmon dish that was quick, easy and tasted great.  I pulled out some salmon that I received from a fish guy that I know and decided to do a little spice rub combo'd with an avocado that I had. 

The best way to deal with fish and clean up, is to use foil to help keep the juiced in and not burn on to the glass dish.

When you are looking for spices to add to your kitchen, really - go to Wild Cheff and just buy a handful of them.  This Honey Chile was perfect to rub into the salmon.  I drizzled some olive oil on the fish and then put a decent amount of this rub on top and let it set for a few minutes before I popped it into the over at 350.

Next, I chunked up the avocado and mixed it with a little red onion and lime juice (maybe two tablespoons) until it was well blended.  I do not like onion, so I will add less next time.  I suggest starting with about 1/4 of the onion and add more if you are a fan.

I made some couscous to go with the salmon and topped the avocado mixture on top.  It may not look overly fancy but the mixture allowed for the creamy to counter with the spicy and that was (to quote my two year old, who actually ATE it!) delicious!


  1. Awesome post Erin, salmon is always one of my favorites.
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