Honest Kitchen: The best basic burger

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If you have never gotten burger from a specialize meat market or made it yourself, you don't know what you are missing.  Maybe that is a good thing, ignorance can be bliss but trust we when I tell you to take the time and go get some local burger.  It is nice to know that there are no mystery ingredients in the meat and that the time from cow to burger is traceable instead of an unknown amount of time. Local and organic really does make a better burger - you can taste it.

Here is my favorite recipe for a basic burger - nothing too fancy and feel free to add whatever you wish, but this is the best starter burger I have ever made.

1. Get a pound of burger from the local butcher
2. Get some great cheese crumbles.  I prefer something with flavor like the garlic & herb feta.
3. Add some into the burger and mix.  Better to add a little at a time than too much!

4. Make that cheesy-burger ball into some burgers and throw 'em into a frying pan.  I highly suggest a cast iron frying pan!  Since the cheese will melt, you will want to cook them on a lower heat than normal and probably flip more than normal to make sure the cheese doesn't stick to the pan.

5. Break out the condiments. Raye's make a great local mustard and they have a bunch of varieties to choose from.  Add whatever you like, really, but in keeping with the local, honest cooking, I like this.

6. Enjoy!!! And with the cheese (and flavors) all through the burger, you don't have to worry about it  not melting enough.  I suggest adding sauteed mushrooms and some lettuce but that is just me. 


  1. mmmmmm I love cheese IN my burgers and the flavor of crisped cheese on the outside.

    1. Cheese and great, local burger... one of the best burgers that I have ever had and made!


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