Honest Kitchen: Getting the most out of the Farmers Market

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When you don't have a garden, the best thing to do is head to the local farmers market and talk to the people who are growing massive amounts of food.  If you want to make honest food, talking to the people who are growing your food will help you to understand the conditions, how big the farm is and get to know the farmers themselves.

My first trip this season was a dream!  There was fresh bread, lots of greens and a mushroom booth!  I could eat mushrooms for every meal so I immediately made a b-line when I saw them.  The Maine Cap 'N' Stem is new to the market but I will be stopping by every time I go.

Local and honest.  You can not go wrong with that!  For me, I have to make a grocery list before I go otherwise, I will be buying everything I look at.  Different types of kale, chard, lettuce... how can you not want to buy them all?!

I love the smell of tomato plants but I hate tomatoes.  I can be an adult and eat them but given the chance, I will pass (although I make an incredible fried green tomato!) and let someone else munch on them. 

Each booth has someone working there that has gotten their hands dirty in the process of making and bringing these delicious foods to the market.  Not every market is this big, but there are farmers almost every where and it is never a bad thing to strike up a conversation with the farmers.  They are pretty great people who can share recipes, let you know what issues they may be having or how to best store the foods.  It's a city dwellers dream!


  1. I love farmers markets! Ours opened last week.

    I made Spaghetti Pie this week. http:robinfollette.com/spaghetti-pie


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