Honest Kitchen: Bear with mushroom cream sauce

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Bear meat and a crockpot go together like a hand and glove, deer hunting and 4 degrees, my kid and Buzz Lightyear... a perfect match.

For the chilly, rainy days there is nothing better than a crockpot meal when you come home from work.  Here is how I made bear with mushroom sauce.

* Fresh mushrooms (as many as you want because there is no such thing as too many)
* Maine Cap N Stem meat seasoning
* Reduced sodium cream of mushroom soup
* bear meat (let's say 1 pound)

1. Put the bear on the bottom
2. Coat with the seasoning and fresh mushrooms

3. Pour mushroom soup on top
4. Set on low and come back in 8 hours.
5. Serve with smashed potatoes for a great comfort food meal!


  1. hahaha My kid and Buzz Lightyear! hahaha Yes.

    I used the Meat Seasoning on moose steaks Monday night. ***New Favorite*** I haven't tried it on bear yet but I know we'll love it.

    This week I have Lion's Mane mushrooms in butter and sage. http://robinfollette.com/lions-mane-mushrooms-honest-kitchen/

  2. Never had bear meat, sounds really good.


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