Honest Kitchen: Fish filets

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It is always a bit of a relief to return home after being outside and have dinner coming home with you.  Luckily, Don and I were successful with our trip and I had some filets to fry up. 

I pulled out some plain breadcrumbs, italian seasoning, salt and pepper and shook the whole thing in a gallon bag with four fish filets from the bass.  I made sure I coasted the fish well before putting them into a pan with hot butter.

I couldnt tell you how long I cooked them for, but the filets did crumble a little when I flipped them.
However, the smell they were giving off made my mouth water.  I would wait until the edges start to turn golden.

I wilted some swiss chard from the Farmers Market to go with the fish.  Why not, right?

The whole dish took maybe 15 minutes to make.  It was a simple, clean dish with food that came from the market or I had caught myself. Not too bad!


  1. That is a very easy recipe and one I haven't tried in awhile, thanks for reminding me.


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