Why you need to shop EvoOutdoors

We have all been there: you want to order a piece of clothing online but it is out of stock.  You try a different color but that is out too.  There is nothing close to what you need so you just walk away.  Now imagine that what you need is for the upcoming hunting season and you really don't want to go to the local big-box store but you don't know what alternatives are out there.  This just happened to me.

However, I get my hunting clothes from EvoOutdoors.  Yes, I am partial and I am a part of their ProStaff team but I wanted to test Tracy out a little bit and see how the Camo Concierge works.

A few months ago, I ordered a hoodie with the idea that I would wear it over my FirstLite base layer.  Tracy emailed me earlier this week to say that the company was discontinuing the hoodie and would I like something else.
"Sure, what would you recommend?"
"Did you want it for the brand, fit or pattern?"
I described what I was looking for and Tracy came back with three different suggestions from three different companies. These were not just suggestions, Tracy actually wears one of the tops she was suggesting and could speak from experience on how well it held up.

We talked about fit (some are unisex sizes) and which patterns were better for the type of hunting I would be doing.  I ended up ordering a Valhalla 1/4 zip from Kryptek for bear season, turkey season and maybe a few warm days during deer season.

Tracy helped me order a critical piece of clothing that I didn't realize I was missing and needed.  This top is more functional and crucial to my actual hunting season than the hoodie I originally ordered.  I can not wait to get it and start using it.

As I build my wardrobe with clothing that will help keep me comfortable as I am in the woods hunting, I am so grateful to have found EvoOutdoors! If you have any questions or need clothing for an upcoming hunt, contact Tracy and Dave.  You will be so glad that you did.