Honest Kitchen: Mashed cauliflower

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I had two heads of cauliflower in my fridge from my friend Andy's Maine Fodder farmbox that I needed to use up.  I had heard that you could substitute cauliflower for potatoes and I decided that it was worth a try.

* 1 or 2 heads of cauliflower (I used two large heads)
* 1/4 cup milk
* 1/3 cup binding agent like sour cream (or cheese, see below)
~ Feel free to adjust based on your taste

1. Wash cauliflower and cut into pieces
2. Add to pot, cover with water and bring to boil

3. Just like with potatoes, drain when cauliflower is soft and can be mashed.

4. Add milk and sour cream or...

Here is where I ran into trouble: I did not have sour cream or any sort of binding agent that I clearly needed. The cauliflower broke apart easily but it had a crumbly consistency which I was not expecting.  Have no fear! What do most mom's have in the fridge? Cheese!  Not my finest moment, but I added cheese to this to bind it.

Before cheese
After cheese.  It is much more sticky
5. Mix all ingredients together and serve.
This made me think of when my mom would make us cheese sauce for our broccoli and cauliflower.  I firmly believe that cheese can fix most things (that and mushrooms.)

If you have not tried making mashed cauliflower, I highly recommend it. 


  1. It's good with cream cheese, too! I didn't participate this week. By the time supper rolls around I'm too tired from the heat, firewood and the garden to cook a decent meal. I know what I'm making next week though.


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