Honest Kitchen: Kale chips

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What has the crunch of a potato chip and is salty like a potato chip but is not a potato chip? A kale chip! I didnt believe it either until a friend of mine made them for me and I was hooked.  They take maybe 10 minutes to make and are incredibly yummy.

Here is what you need:
EVOO or cooking spray
toping: salt, garlic powder... any seasoning that you want!

Step 1:
Rip the kale into pieces.  You dont need to be fancy, just get them into pieces.

Step 2: Space the pieces out on a cookie sheet

Step 3: brush with EVOO or spray with cooking spray
Step 4: Season.  I used salt
Step 5: Put over on 300 and put kale in.  You are going to want to stay close.  These things take maybe 5 minutes to cook.
Step 6: Remove from over when the pieces are dried.

Step 7: Eat all of the good ones and serve the rest ;) The brown spots are fine.  They just dried quicker than the others - possibly because they didnt get coated.

These things really do take like potato chips and are incredibly healthy for you.  They are great if you want the crunch of a chip.  I dare you to try them!


  1. Hmmmm..not sure about this..

  2. If you're game, I'll make them for you sometime. Eyes closed, you may not be able to tell them apart from a lays potato chip


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