Raising meat for winter

Earlier in the summer, Robin mentioned that she would be raising chickens for meat over the winter.  I know nothing about raising chickens so I asked if she would raise a few for me.  Luckily, she agreed. Now, the plan is to help out with butchering day in October and walk away with about 10 whole chickens (or maybe parts of) for meat over the winter.

Growing up, my family raised two pigs each summer and we would enjoy fresh bacon, ham and pork chops over the winter.  There is something comforting about knowing where your food was raised and who was doing the raising.  There is an added appreciation and understanding that comes every time you sit down to eat a meal.

This is what the chickens looked like a couple of weeks ago. In a couple more weeks, we will be heading north to Robin's to help with butchering.  It will be an experience that is out of my comfort zone but something that we will need to experience to truly understand the butchering process of raising meat.

(c) Robin Follette 2015


  1. as Barnacle Bill The Sailor said..'off with their heads..!"


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