My bear as a rug

This bear changed my life.  It might sound a little corny, but when I decided to learn about bear hunting in the wake of the referendum, I was fortunate enough to meet some great people who have continued to help me grow as an outdoors woman.

This bear is the first animal that I ever shot without Dad around - in the same woods as me.  It took me well out of my comfort zone and resulted in lifetime memories, a few bumps and some of the best meat I have ever tasted.

This bear is the first animal that I have really done something with.  I have a few sets of antlers that we mounted but I have never kept the hide of an animal.  Until now.  Even though these eyes are not the ones that looked down at me from high in the tree that morning, these eyes represent all of the new experiences and friends that I have made since then.

Jim and Lori had to add boards on the sides of their rack to fit the bear

His ears were almost non existent which is why you can see the pins holding up the nubs until they dry

It's like bringing my bear back to life.  I love the scars!

I love this bear!


  1. I love the scars. They're part of his story. He's going to look so good in your house!


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