October lull?

Our big bucks have disappeared and we have only been getting does on the trail camera.  The season opens for rifles on Saturday which means we will be in the woods early.  Legal hunting starts at 6:42am so we will probably be in the woods by 6. 

There are deer around and I have a doe permit if I want to take one.  I have already decided that I will not take the doe with the fawn.  I know that the fawn will be fine on it's own but she is a healthy doe who has raised a nice looking baby.  I want to keep her around since she seems to be the only fawn-producing doe around. 

I am more excited about spending time with Dad in the woods.  Over the past few months, Hubby and I have each changed jobs, moved and dealt with the ridiculousness of daycare issues.  I am eager to unwind, sit in a tree and just listen to the geese honking nearby or crows or those stupid squirrels.  You know I am in need of some R&R when I am looking forward to being around the squirrels. 

But, its a new season and I can not wait to see what happens!  Hopefully we are successful and can put some meat in the freezer!