New year, new goals

I must admit, I was surprised when I went back to reread my 2015 goal list and found that the majority of those things, I did!  Quick recap: I shot a coyote, caught fish that I could keep, went bear hunting and to a den to tag bear cubs.  I got my trapping license and I now own two fly rods that my uncle’s father used to fish with.   As I write this, deer season is not over, so I am not going to comment on either or not I finally caught up with that elusive 8 pointer.  You can check out my blog for the answer to that one.  

It was those birds that got me.  I didn’t go goose hunting, but I still want to.  I did go turkey hunting in the spring and fall and I have yet to bring one home.  Maybe I am just not meant to hunt birds and right now I am ok with that!

As I think about how I want to grow as an outdoors woman, I need to come up with a new more things to do and try in 2016.  Here is my list in no particular order:

* Catch a fish while fly fishing
* Get a bow (see previous post)
* Shoot a moose (this is a permanent item on the list until I can make it happen)
* Go trapping and set my own trap(s)
Shoot and/or trap a bear
* Shoot a turkey (at some point, I have to be able to get one, right?)
* Learn to forage for edible mushrooms
* Continue to work with amazing women as we get more girls and women outdoors
* Find a deer shed in the spring.
?? – What suggestions do you have for something that I should try?  Email me your suggestions.

I have no doubt that 2016 will have some fun adventures in store and I am eager to get outside and start exploring.  From the woods to the streams and fields, I am eager to try out new gear, hunt new animals and continue to provide food for my family.  Hopefully, you have some great outdoor goals too! Here is to a great new year!