Switching seasons and heading to Robin's

Windmills along Route 6
I took a day off from work to drive east and hang out with Robin.  We were making Christmas wreaths, or as I told Hubby when I hung it up, it is my hunting wreath.  Any time that I can spend at Robin's is fun and I am always learning from her.

On this day, I learned how to tip trees to make wreaths.  She showed me what to look for when taking a branch and I as I looked around, I would grab maybe one or two pieces that I thought were good only to have her come behind me and grab about 20 more. She has an eye for these things and she makes a lot of them.  I was more excited about getting pitch on me and smelling that... woodsy, sweet and wonderful.  

The air was cool and we were joined by a writing friend names Maureen.  It was fun spending time in the woods and swapping stories about hunts, animal interactions and family. 

Almost enough for three wreaths.

Robin made us some delicious chicken soup and homemade bread that tasted even better than then smelled.  We spent the afternoon making wreaths and chatting more about hunting plans and what's in store for us next year. 

And here is my wreath.  The photo is a little dark but that is a deer ornament in there, along with some pine cones and white birch bark.  I have plans to let it hang up on the front door until it either turns brown or falls off the door. 


  1. Your wreath is beautiful! It's like you've made them for years. We should have an outdoor writers get together a few times a year!

  2. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I love the smell of fresh pine and cedar. I like to add feathers to my arrangements too.


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