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When your hunting pants don't fit

This past fall, my routine became almost comical.   I would leave my backpack on the ground, climb into my treestand, get settled and unbutton my wool pants. Four years ago, I wore base layers with monkey-thumbs to hide the Queeze-Away bands that I wore around my wrists.   I never got sick, but those early morning breakfasts and treks to the Sky Condo were a little more challenging when I was trying to hide a pregnancy.   Dad makes sure that I am always secure and comfortable when I am sitting 10-16 feet up in my treestands but if he knew I was pregnant, I was not sure how far off the ground he would allow me to be. So, I kept my first pregnancy a secret during the entire season. I hunted, hiked and pulled the same 10 hour days with Dad that we always did.   I would fall asleep right after dinner, but the fresh air and adventure of being in the woods kept me going.    Hubby shot his first buck ever that season; a small crotch horn and for me, the pressure was on to get one