2018 recap

No doubt that I have dropped the ball on posting my adventures here, but I have had a lot of fun happenings this year!  Here is my quick recap:

* Beaver trapping - with my uncle and friend Staci.
* Honored as Sportsman of the Year from the New England Outdoor Writers Association.
* Turkey hunting.
* The Maine Moose lottery held in my hometown and my friend Bryan performed.
* Mushroom foraging with Staci.
* Going to the ribbon cutting of the Ezra Smith Wildlife Conservation area to honor my friend George.
* Bear hunting with Staci and then going out with Bill Dereszewski and having Robin comes with us.
* Deer hunting with Dad and Hubs.
* Taking O out for his first sit in the new deer stand.
* Seeing lots and lots of wildlife including a fisher and bobcat, both of which I had never seen in the wild before.
* Started writing for Drury Outdoors' DeerCast app.
* Joined the board of the New England Outdoor Writers Association.

It has been busy but I am excited to find out what 2019 has in store!