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Nate Webb takes over as Director of Wildlife

Nate Webb has researched and hunted animals I can only dream about; wolves, cougars, grizzlies and even Big Horn sheep. I first met Nate when we worked on Maine’s bear management plan for MDIFW. An avid outdoorsman, Nate is incredibly knowledgeable about all things wildlife in Maine and beyond. So, I was not surprised when I saw the notification that he had been named the new wildlife director of the department. I sat down with Nate to go over some of his goals and reflect on all of the impressive animals he has studied so far in his career. I asked him the question “ Now that you are the wildlife director, what’s on your priority list ?” and we went from there. “I want to make sure that we are working towards the broader vision for IFW and following Judy’s direction and initiatives,” Nate started, “Obviously, we want our staff to be well supported and get the trainings that they need so that they can be the best at their jobs. We have a lot of people coming up for retirem