Becky’s buck of a lifetime

“We found new public land to hunt,” explained Becky Sucy, “So, we set up a stand and started hunting from it this season.”  What Becky didn’t realize at the time, was that the spot that she picked was in prime swamp buck territory.

Becky laughed when I asked if she knew how many deer were in the area, “We didn’t put any trail cameras out because we didn’t want to get focused on chasing one certain deer.” Instead, she put in the time and effort to be in the woods, in the right place and at the right time.  She and her husband, Aaron went out one afternoon as the rut was just beginning.  Aaron had tagged out earlier in the season so he sat at the bottom of the tree and called while Becky climbed into the tree stand. 

Aaron used a combination of a buck grunt and doe bleat and after about 90 minutes, Becky could hear the deer coming. “It sounded like a horse trotting.  I had to stand up and peer around the tree to try and see the deer.”  Her first glimpse of the buck was just of his antlers. She knew that the deer was a shooter and she needed to get prepared.  She sat back down and got her gun ready for when the buck went through an opening. 

Below her, Aaron watched as the buck came into his calls, searching for a fight.  In his mind, he tried to will Becky to shoot.  HE could see the entire deer and didn’t know why she was waiting.  “All I could see was bits and pieces of this deer.  It was so thick from my vantage point.  I could see movement and then I could see his head.” Becky explained, “I put my sights on his head and took two deep breathes. When I saw his shoulder, I shot.”

Becky watched the deer run but she and Aaron could not find blood or hair.  “I climbed back into my stand and directed Aaron to where I last saw the deer.  Finally, we found some blood.”  They tracked the buck and found a lot of blood when he jumped over a log.  They caught up to it in some tall grass and Becky shot him again when he jumped up and tried to run.  The buck stumbled and splashed into the stream.

“I was elated,” said Becky, “This is an incredible, beautiful deer.  We didn’t know how big he was until we waded into the stream to get him.  And at that point, I was excited that he ran in the direction that we needed to go to get back out of the woods.”  Becky and Aaron dragged the 200lb deer down the stream and up the hill to their truck, careful to not get any of the 12 points stuck into the mud or dirt.

For Becky, it’s the second deer that she has shot but it is a once-in-a-lifetime buck that she will be able to remember forever.