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Showing posts from February, 2020

Enjoying the sun

This winter has been lacking in the snow department so Staci and I took advantage and went out to look for antler.  We didn't find any but not for a lack of trying.  Some trail camera photos from later on that week showed even the smallest of bucks still had its antlers on.  But, we enjoyed the warm sun and some great views of the local bog.

Healthy Coyote coming through

I still have a few trail cameras out to see what the deer are up to.  I have gotten pictures of the big buck that is around and most recently, I got these pictures.  Normally, I wouldn't be too freaked out but now that we have a dog, it is a little unnerving.  Add that this camera is about 50 feet from our lawn and less than 100 feet from our front door... I hope that this one is just passing through. (Sidenote: I put new batteries in this camera so the date and time are wrong BUT  I walked in front of it so it would take my picture and I could figure out what the actual time and date were: 7am Saturday morning.)